Who we are

Florida’s Technical Colleges/Centers:

Who We Are:

  • 49 public institutions; 37 Technical Colleges and 12 Technical Centers
  • 48 with Council on Occupational Education (COE) accreditation and approved by the USDOE, and 1 in candidacy.
  • Local School Board operated in 31 counties throughout Florida.
  • One Technical College is a charter:  Lake Technical College in Eustis.
  • A powerful network of training resources that are a “solution provider” in improving and growing Florida’s Workforce.
  • Provide a return on investment that minimizes student cost and time and maximizes the use of public education dollars.
  • Focus on students and employers leading to JOBS and economic growth in Florida.

Each of the Technical Colleges/Centers, whether charter or not, is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) except for Gadsden Technical Institute in Quincy, which is in the COE candidacy process. In addition, many colleges/centers are also accredited by Advanced Ed and other program specific accrediting bodies, including, but not limited to the following: American Culinary Federation, Education Foundation, Florida State Board of Nursing, National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, American Welding Society, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Our Vision:

  • To ensure that Florida has the skilled workforce to grow and expand its economy and be competitive at a global level.


Our Mission:

  • The premier provider of high quality, affordable career and technical training meeting the changing needs of Florida’s workforce.

What is Council on Occupational Education, COE:

COE provides accreditation services to postsecondary occupational education institutions on an international scale. Through its accreditation process, the Council seeks to stimulate the following:

  • validation of job skills;
  • certification of skills for local, state, regional, and national application;
  • portability of skill credentials;
  • placement of graduates in jobs related to preparation received;
  • facilitation of partnerships and consortia through which the United States can continue to compete successfully in the global economy; and
  • linkages among employers, policymakers, business and industry, labor, and other parties with vital interests in technical education.

COE strives through its accreditation process to ensure that the standards, policies and procedures developed advance quality, creativity, cooperation and performance.

Operational Principles:

Our program structure is competency-based, often self-paced, and contextualized. It is designed to prepare students for licensures, industry certifications, and work. This educational model represented by the Technical Colleges/Centers contrasts sharply with how conventional postsecondary education in Florida is organized. Our model produces very different results, particularly in terms of the rates of student success in completing their programs. The four (4) guiding principles that drive our mission are:

  1. Market driven
  2. Responsive to business and industry needs
  3. Cost effective to both the student and the state (taxpayer)
  4. Focused on results – job placement and industry credentials

We Achieve our Mission by:

  • Serving our communities as Technical Centers/Colleges.
  • Preparing students for industry certifications and licensures to ensure success in high wage/high skill careers.
  • Awarding Career Certificates and articulated College Credit.
  • Remaining market driven.
  • Responding quickly to business and industry needs.
  • Focusing on results – Job Placement and Industry Credentials.
  • Providing solutions for improving and growing a skilled Florida Workforce.

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