Fields Cadillac

I have since hired 3 Techs from the school and each of them is exceptional and smart, young ones with exceptional attitudes.

Volkswagen of St Augustine

I have been impressed by FCTC's commitment to creating a valuable education for students.

Turbine Generator Maintenance

TGM has hired about 13 graduates of the program and are paying them a premium as a result of completing the 1350 hour course.

Page Mechanical Group Inc.

PMG Inc. is always seeking qualified technicians and is proud to support FMIT’s programs and continued efforts to provide the industry with well trained people.

Shannon Reca

After I received my certificate of completion, combined with my diploma, I was able to land my first position as a professional web designer.

Eastern Shipbuilding Group LLC

In just the past six months we have hired four students and look forward to hiring more in the future.

Nicole Balcaceres

You get a lot done in a year so give it your all. A year sounds like a long time but in a blink of an eye you’re done and will have your degree.

Bill Smith Appliances & Electronics

FMIT trains them in real world application, including the computer experience with knowledge of how to read illustrated parts, lookup online & check availability.

Florida Resurrection House

Our graduates stay in this community, become successful members giving back and making Tampa Bay a better place for all!

Laura Poole

To me “Career in a Year” means learning skills within one year of preparation for a career or excelling in a current position.

Citrus Memorial Hospital

All students have a positive success rate of passing national boards upon graduation. And all are caring, compassionate and professional.

Justice Montina

If you show up every day motivated and determined to complete course work, you can launch the career of your dreams in one year.

Laura P. Aguilar

Career in a Year means that in 365 days, I will have totally reinvented myself and reset my direction for the future, “my way”.

Jaslyn Parker

The statement “Career in a Year” to me means that I can see myself in a position that best suits me long term or until retirement.

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