Ron Strickland

Student Testimonial

Ron Strickland | Locklin Technical Center | Computer Systems and Information Technology

Ron Strickland

“I attended Locklin’s Computer Systems Technology class from 2000 to 2001. Locklin’s training prepared me for employment in my chosen career field as soon as I graduated.
The course was challenging, but with Locklin’s staff assistance, I was able to complete all of the requirements and move on to a great career in computer technology. I have been a Computer Support – Network Support Specialist 3 with Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners since May of 2006.
With the training I received at Locklin, I was able to perform all of the tasks my supervisor required, and have received excellent reviews each year.
I want to thank Locklin Tech and its great faculty for the excellent training I received. They made learning fun and the instruction was excellent!”

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